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Halloween Prize Draw Date: Oct 28th @ 5:14pm EDT
Anyone sending a pumpkin flood during Halloween gets their own personalized pumpkin on the wall and will be entered into a drawing to win private time, fan club membership, and their own piece of Halloween or surprise gift. It only takes one flood to enter and the winner will be notified through all available channels. Thanks for all the love so far and look forward to having more Halloween fun with all of you!
July: One Giant Contest Date: Jul 2nd @ 5:55pm EDT
As many of you know, last month started the coveted Flirt Summit contest. The top 5 models across the entire site for these 3 summer months win a room and flight expenses for the annual meet up at a sunny beach resort. I didn't attend last year as I was in the middle of moving cross country but look forward to attending this year.

That being said, we're gonna have to band together to make this one of our biggest months ever. Starting with the July 4th contest, I'm going to be going hard all month putting in long hours to do as much as I can. I also having a private bet gong on with another model to see who can hit an hours and credits goal the fastest, loser pays the other $200 and has to wear an embarrassing t-shirt online.

I'm away from California and traveling around for the month, staying with and visiting friends, but will be keeping everyone posted of my schedule and availability via twitter and messages here.

Hope to see you guys for a whole lot of fun throughout July!
June Fan Club Special Date: Jun 9th @ 12:59am EDT
This month only! Join my fan club for 1000 credits and get TWO months of membership as well as a code for 5 minutes in private! Take advantage and enjoy the exclusive photos and videos as well as members only shows! Feel free to message me with any questions :)
Record Party Chat! Date: May 27th @ 3:51pm EDT
Tonight we attempt to break another personal best and go for party chat gold. Our goal is...100,000 credits.

"Whoa, that's kind of a lot Max," you say to me. Yeah, but luckily we can take all the time we need. That being said, the show will start tonight and run until we hit goal or my eyes no longer stay open. So my only request is...let's make it happen before my body gives up.

There will be continuous goals for shows and special offers going on, but you'll have to come be a part of the party to find out what ;)

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped us get sooo close to our group goal the other night. I was really overwhelmed by the amazing support. Hopefully we can do the same and crush our party goal :)

See you tonight!
30,000 credit Group Show Bonuses Date: May 24th @ 9:04pm EDT
Of course I have to reward anyone helping us crush our goals:

Top 5 pledges get bonuses including private and fan club time as well as photo/video requests for the fan club.

Top 10 pledges get fan club preview.

Pledge bonuses:
1k pledge: bonus code for private and 2 week fan club preview.
5k pledge: 10 min FREE pvt time and 1 month fan club.
10k+ pledge: add to the group show! Something you'd like to see or a toy you'd like included. Also get 20 minutes in private and fan club for the rest of the year.
May Goal #3 and Thank You Date: May 17th @ 7:31pm EDT
Goal 3: 200 Hours (All me)
If you look at my badges, you'll notice that I've never hit 150 hours in a month (I've been just shy on some of our busiest months). That inspired me. But then 150 is so close to 180 (the next badge) which is less than a day away from 200 (the next badge). Why share a personal goal with you guys that doesn't directly involve you? A couple reasons:
1. To hold myself accountable to the goal by making it public.
2. To personally ask any and all of you that are able to help keep the energy up in my room while you're there. How? Say hi. Join in the show. Have fun. That's all.
Finally, on the off chance I fail to hit 200, my fan club will be half off in June until the 13th (my birthday). Which means it will be 250 cr.

I just want to end with this:
The majority of the time, my room is a group effort. No one has bankrolled our triumphs or successes. Some are able to do more and I very much appreciate anytime someone goes above and beyond. It means a lot. But this isn't limited to someone throwing around thousands of credits. I know some are going above and beyond just by sending their first tip flood, or a triple digit tip at all. I want you all to know that none of it's lost on me. Would it be nice to sit there and have credits thrown at me while I barely smile back and maybe grace those with a verbal "Thank you"? No, it wouldn't. That's not my style. When I receive love, I like to reciprocate it. I like to have fun and LOVE when we turn our online chat room into so much more than anyone could ever expect it to be.

I want to make May my bitch.

Join me?
May Goal #2 Date: May 17th @ 7:31pm EDT
Goal 2: 100,000 cr Party Chat
Unlike the group chat where we have a time constraint, hitting this party chat goal can take as long as we need. I don't want to have to stay online for days straight to make it happen, but, if need be...
Besides going all out with a big show, there will be special offers for private and fan club time. To spice it up further, I feel like a raffle drawing at halfway and then at the finale could be a fun way to get us through in a timely fashion. There will also be prizes for largest tip ever, etc if you like to be a boss. I'm looking at Memorial Day weekend for this one, so, if I have to, I can just party chat the holiday away. Staying up for 72 hours doesn't sound like the best option but personal bests and all...
May Goal #1 Date: May 17th @ 7:30pm EDT
This is not the first time this has happened. In the past, a month will be coming to a close, and I think to myself "I'm going to set some big goals for next month and pursue them. Hard." Then it turns out there's a new month long contest that spurs others to do the same. I'm all for competition, but then my original purpose disappears behind that new challenge.

May was one of these months. I was ready to fight for the Cinco contest and then take that into the rest of the month. We did great and have continued to do well. But after a couple days off, I tend to feel a little uncertain about my goals and ambitions online. So I decided I need to share them with everyone, for better or worse.

Where we end up in the month long May contest is less important to me than crushing some of our personal bests. However, I KNOW that if we can accomplish these things, we'll come out on top.

Goal 1: 30,000 credit group chat
You may have read the mail blast I sent out about this last week. That was a bit short notice. We need a bit more organization for this one. This will be an hour long show and I want it to include all of our favorite things from our shows. Dancing, toys, hot sex, and a shower to wrap it up. Not only do I want it to be an experience no one soon forgets, but really want to reward anyone that goes above and beyond to help make it happen. That being said, we'll never get there without a group effort, no pun intended. I'd love to hear from you guys in what you'd like to see in this show and get an RSVP list of people ready to make it happen. Please message me if you can. Tuesday the 24th around 9:30PM Eastern would be an awesome time to make this happen for multiple reasons but we'll keep midnight between the 27/28 as backup. Details on the rewards break down and bonuses for pledges will be put in a blog so they're easy to find.
Fiesta de Mayo! Date: May 4th @ 5:06pm EDT
It's another wild and crazy holiday contest! As always, special prizes and offers to be had. Here's a taste of what's going on this weekend:
-All shot floods (set of 7) get 2 entries into our pinata raffle! Offline floods get double entries! Drawing will be Saturday night and winners won't have to be present but will be messaged. Prize package includes private and fan club time and other perks!
-Special offers in party chat! Keep an eye on our party chats throughout the weekend to earn special bonuses for sending shot glasses.
-Every hundred shot glasses, we take a shot! I'm well prepared for the entire weekend and ready to celebrate and party with everyone!
-Bonus private time for anyone using shot glasses! Send shot glasses for private and get a code for extra minutes :)

I look forward to another fun filled holiday weekend with all of you! See you soon ;)
Fan Club Show Schedule Date: Feb 20th @ 11:14am EST
Below are the scheduled Fan Club shows for the rest of February:
Sunday Feb 21st @ 9pm est
Sunday Feb 28th @ 9pm est

These scheduled shows will have a theme and will run for an hour at the longest.

*Any fan club shows on days other than those above are "Social" shows which are for catching up and general chat*

Big thanks to all those who helped make Valentine's Day a success!

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