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40 Hour Valentine's Challenge Date: Feb 10th @ 10:52pm EST
In short, this Valentine's contest weekend, if I fail to work 40 or more hours, anyone that sent 5+ (five or more) hearts will get a month of fan club. We all know how hard it can be to get those hours in. So bet against me. I dare you.

Mr. Hughes
January Reboot Date: Jan 12th @ 11:05pm EST
Where have I Been? Date: Jan 12th @ 9:07pm EST
I've already been asked this a lot, so I figured I'd put the details in one easy to find place. If you haven't been keeping up with or in touch with me on twitter (shame on you!) I was travelling most of December and enjoying some much needed time off.

I was told that I should take an entire month off at some point in the year. I thought it sounded like a great idea. And then never did it. Then a slew of travel opportunities came up, starting with a little tropical style beach vacation, visiting old and new friends in Pittsburgh and getting to see NYC all done up for the holidays before finally going home to spend Christmas and New Year's with my family.

I got the worst sunburn of my life, saw beautiful things and beautiful people, had great food (as always), caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in 8 years and others I hadn't seen in at least 2, crashed a baby's birthday party, experienced holiday travel woes, flew first class for the first time, and barely touched my new apartment.

And I have you guys to thank. I was very fortunate to get invited on some of these adventures and even more fortunate when playing the travel game and getting deals because of points or people I knew. But I wouldn't even have the opportunity if it weren't for all the support I get from all of you. Not to mention that it would likely be impossible if I didn't create my own schedule. So cheers! I hope I can continue to help make your lives as great as you make mine!

I am now back officially. Apologies to those who might have thought I went the way of the cam model and disappeared into retirement, never to be heard from again. If you know me you know I'll be throwing a big retirement bash when the day comes. Hope to see you soon!
Christmas Surprise Tip Target Date: Dec 6th @ 5:38pm EST
As many of you know, I'm going to be out of the office at a far off beach for the next week. I've put up a tip target for anyone that wants to send some Holiday love my way and get some in return! I'll be organizing everything when I get back. It would be great to come back to a full tip target and a lot of Christmas card filling out to do!

Take care and see you soon!
All Day Black Friday Specials Date: Nov 27th @ 3:11pm EST
Few all day ones besides the surprises in my room:

85 cpm private for Fan Club members all day!

Anyone purchasing a regular price Fan Club membership (500 cr) gets an extra 2 weeks!

Any super vote + 50 cr tip gets a Fan Club preview!

Top 3 spenders of the day get private and fan club time, photo/video request, and chat privileges (show requests, monitoring, etc)!

Thanks for all the love!
Halloween 2015!!! Date: Oct 26th @ 2:14am EDT
It's that time of year! Time for tricks and treats and a whole lot of fun. I'm extra excited about Halloween this year. Maybe it's the six costumes I have lined up, or the fun games I have planned, or because I spent most of the beginning of the month on the disabled list (wisdom teeth) or getting things ready for my cross country move (postponed until first week of November for your Halloween enjoyment). Some quick details:

Costume Contest:
You read right. Six costumes. Maybe seven. Watch and see. New costumes will be rolled out every night. Fan club members are getting a sneak peek and exclusive photos before hand. One hint: every character/person shares one of my names. I've put a lot of work into these and hope you guys enjoy. Let's take the costume contest every night!

The holiday gift tips are back! Trying to collect the most pumpkins from the most different people to take home #1 (that's $500 per #1 spot for unique pumpkins and most collected! Nice huh?).

Halloween Raffle:
Be on the look out for raffle party chats where pumpkins will earn you raffle entries for a Halloween Prize Pack!

Top Pumpkin Givers:
Top 5-10 members sending pumpkins will get rewards ranging from private time, fan club, photo/video requests, and more!

Pumpkin King:
I think it sounds cooler than "Halloween King" but this goes to the guy with the most credits over the 6 days. I figure, most pumpkins, most credits, grab the crown. Let's go all out!

Scheduled Shows:
Check the calendar for our scheduled shows this week and have some Halloween fun and learn the recipes to our holiday concoctions!

Private Show Discount:
Using pumpkins to get private show time will earn you 50% more time in show! So a 10 minute show turns into a 15 minute show, etc!

Flirt of the Year:
Voting for Viewers Choice continues, please keep those votes going! We're holding strong in other ranks. I hope to see some shifting after this week ;)

HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE that added to tipped targets and voted all the days I was away this month. It made me feel very much loved and thought of to see that and hear from so many of you. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Hope to see you for a lot of fun this week!
Beginning of October and FOTY Date: Oct 3rd @ 7:10pm EDT
We've entered the last quarter of the year and...I'm pretty excited! I'm also a little bummed...but first: the excitement! Here are our current standings in Flirt of the Year (FOTY) as of October 14th:
Overall: #3
Credit Level: #2
Tips: #2
Party: #4
Group: #7
Fan Club: #1
Viewers Choice: #11
Mr. North America: #13

Those results are...AWESOME. We put in a lot of hard work this year and it definitely paid off. I can't thank you all enough for all the love and support.

But why am I a little bummed you ask? The first half of my October is pretty full. I'm with family, then getting my wisdom teeth out, and then finally moving out west. I just won't be online that much. Although I may just hire someone to carry around a laptop with super power wifi to follow me around. YES, this is that important to me. I REALLY don't want to get too far behind from the get go. And this is very likely the LAST time I'll have a shot at such high ranks in Flirt of the Year. I won't be gone entirely next year, but camming will not have the focus it has had this year. So I need A LOT of help while I'm gone.

By now, most of you should know I'm good for it. When I come back, it will be with a bang. I never ask for handouts but work for every credit. I don't sit there and say "tip me". I do everything in my power to give you a reason to join in the fun. Please help prove that all the hard work was worth it and help us hold down the fort these first couple weeks of the month.

Because then...IT'S HALLOWEEN! We had a BLAST last year and I look forward to another costume filled fun fest with all of you. Speaking of, I'm still looking for costume ideas! Feel free to post them on the Fan Club Wall if you're a member or send a tweet. More details on the holiday contest as it comes around.

While I am away, I am still available to message on the site and check my twitter daily. Please stay in touch ;)

Look forward to seeing you guys soon!
Five Days of Fan Club Finale Date: Sep 17th @ 6:07pm EDT
The Finale for our 5 fan club shows will be this Sunday at 10PM Eastern. Those who earned fan club from our tip target will still be able to join in and can get the replay for a week after. It's going to be a hot one! Having fun with an old favorite and introducing a fun new toy for the first time! Look forward to seeing a lot of you join in the fun! Take care and see you soon!
Five Days of Fan Club Shows Date: Sep 8th @ 7:44pm EDT
We did it! We closed out our MONSTER Tip Target and are having 5 Fan Club shows over the next week to celebrate. The content for the shows is being chosen by our very own Twixel for being a boss and taking the top spot on the target. I've heard some of the ideas and will pass on a few here:
-Dressed up strip tease
-Latex Suit
-Oil Show
-Ice and Paddles
-And a final show with a new toy too hot to mention here ;)

All shows will start around 10PM Eastern time over the next few days, Saturday and Sunday excluded. If you can't make it to any of the shows, you are able to watch the replay for free. Just ask.

If you helped finish the tip target, you will be able to join in all these shows. If you didn't, feel free to join the fan club and enjoy a full month and more updates soon!

We are also only 60,000 away from the 5 million lifetime mark. I can hardly believe we'll be celebrating such a milestone very soon. And I can't thank all of you enough for making it possible.

Our current contest win streak is at 4 with another coming up on tomorrow, the 9th. I'm willing to see how many in a row we can get if you are! Thanks for helping to make it 4, and here's to making it 5 and beyond!

Thank you guys for all the love and support as always. See you for more fun very soon!
Away for the weekend BUT... Date: Aug 8th @ 6:12pm EDT
That subject line brought you in, now let's get down to business...

I'm away for the weekend getting head shots and a little portfolio put together while also seeing friends and having a good time. I'm excited and enjoying myself already but at the same time I'm a little bummed. We had a good streak going this week and were climbing the ranks. Thankfully I figured out how we could keep doing that.

Saturday the 8th there is a big contest starting at midnight eastern time. How can we possibly do that when I'm not here? Well, I WILL be online but can only fit Saturday afternoon into my schedule to be live. I need everyone's help to do the other part.

I will be putting up a Tip Target for the contest. It will be large, but it will be a number that will get us closest to a contest win. Combine that with my afternoon time, and we should be set.

The details will be posted on the Tip Target but will go something like this:
The tip target will be around 20-25k. I know, HUGE. But totally doable and pretty normal for a weekend contest. WHEN we fill it, these things happen:
-Everyone adding any amount to the tip target will become a fan club member for 5 days.
-5 days? Because we will be having Fan Club shows every week night next week at 10PM Eastern.
-Like the sound of that but not sure you can make it every night? No worries. Send a request and you can watch the replays as many times as you want for the following week. Nothing extra required.
-TOP TIPPER will earn 2 20 minute Private shows, fan club membership for 2 months, and gets to pick what we do for our 5 fan club shows.

So, let's keep the ball rolling. I really appreciate all the support you guys give me and I think this would be another great notch in our belt. Can't wait to see what we do in next week's fan club shows. Message me with any questions.

Membership Benefits: -FREE Members Only shows every other week! -Special Private Show offers! -Access exclusive photos and videos! -5% discount on private shows! -Become an official member of the Max Hughes Crew. It's good to be green! Join now!